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Q: How much do you do you charge per square foot to build a custom home?
A: That is probably the most common asked question.  It’s also the hardest to answer.  There are hundreds of factors that affect the cost of one home to another.  Some the biggest are:  Lot terrain, House Style, Ceiling Heights, Exterior Finish and Interior Finishes.    No two custom homes are the same so it is impossible to quote a price of a new home without a complete set of plans and specifications.
Q: How do we start the process of designing and building a custom home?
A: After you contact Lewis Homes, Inc. we will set up a meeting to discuss your plans or ideas.  We will talk about your lot or discuss helping you find a suitable lot to build on.  Once we have determined where to build your house we can meet with a draftsman's to begin designing your home and start to make decisions as to what types of amenities and features you would like and decide how to fit them into your budget.
Q: How long does it take to build a custom home?
A: This is also a difficult question as no two homes are the same. Depending on the features and size of the home it can take as little as 6 months to as long as 2 years. Please remember to be patient.  There are thousands of components and decisions that go into each home.  We want to build it as quickly as possible but remember it takes time to do things the right way.
Q: When I  talk to different builders why do I get so many different prices?
A: Every builder builds a house differently.  Not everyone uses the same quality of craftsmanship or same quality level of materials. Often the less expensive builders are not properly licensed and insured.  You will want to remember that your home is your biggest investment and in order to protect your investment you need to build a high quality home with a reputable builder.   

Q: What other services does Lewis Homes, Inc.  Provide?
A: Lewis Homes, Inc not only builds new luxury homes and estates but also provides renovation and restoration services to your existing home.

Q: Is Lewis Homes, Inc. Licensed and Insured?
A: Lewis Homes, Inc. is licensed in the State of Alabama as a Home Builder.  We are fully insured and all of Subcontractors are equally required to be insured and licensed in there respective fields.  We pride ourselves on using the best quality craftsman's and suppliers available.  This helps us to insure our clients that we will be able to provide a high standard of workmanship on every house that we build.  It also insures our clients that if there are ever any problems we can attend to them quickly and properly.
Q: Does it cost anything to meet with you and discuss our ideas and plans?
A: Absolutely not .  You won’t ever be billed for our time to discuss your house.  Our job is to earn your trust and show you that we can build you a great home.  

Q: I would like to use certain subs and vendors of my choice when I build my house.  Will Lewis Homes, Inc allow me to pick my own subs and vendors?
A: We use a very select list of subs and vendors for various reasons.  Quality and reliabity are our primary concerns.  All of the subs and vendors that work with us know exactly what is expected of them and are familiar with all of our building practices.  A vendor or sub that has not worked with us before can potentially create delays and cost overuns.  We will be happy to discuss any vendor or sub that you may want to substitute as long as they meet our quality and insurance requirements.
Q: How many houses a year does Lewis Homes, Inc. build?
A: We build on the average about 5 houses a year.  We want every client to receive all the personal attention that he or she deserves.  In order to do that we limit our client list each year.

Q: Now that I’ve have decided to contract with Lewis Homes, Inc. what do I need to do.  
A: After you contact us we will draw up a legal contract that will have all the information we have already given you in your proposal.  Once you receive the contract and have signed it, make a copy for yourselve, Lewis Homes, Inc. and your bank if you are using one.  The next step is to submit a set of plans with the contract to your bank so that they can have the property appraised and complete the lending process.   Once the bank completes its process we can begin work on your new home.