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Another quality feature you will find in every Lewis Home is the use of Engineered Floor Systems.  Today's residential building trends call for large, open spaces, with high ceilings, creating a demand for products that provide higher strength and greater stability over longer spans. Engineered lumber outperforms conventional lumber in these applications



Advanced design utilizes high-grade wood fiber, environmentally safe adhesives and a manufacturing process that uses heat and pressure to create virtually defect-free engineered lumber capable of supporting heavy loads over long spans.


Easier To Work With

Every piece is consistently true to size. Even though it's extremely strong,  Engineered Lumber is light weight and is easy to cut on site. Utilities, like wire and plumbing, can pass through the web of Wood I Beam™ joists for more clearance and higher ceilings.


Environmentally Sound

Engineered lumber is produced from 50% less timber and can be made from young, rapid growth trees, using efficient processes to gain the most from every tree.



Always Top Quality

Engineered Lumber resists shrinking, crowning, twisting and warping, which means quieter floors.