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One of our biggest challenges in building new homes is keeping ahead of current communication and entertainment technologies.  One way Lewis Homes. Inc meets this is by wiring every home we build to accommodate all of today's technological products as well as the ability to upgrade and integrate with tomorrows technologies.We use structured wiring panels to give us the flexibility to setup every house we build to suite the needs of the family that lives in it.  

We also install a variety of home automated lighting systems that can control lights in your home in a thousand different ways.

  You may be wondering...what can a lighting control system provide?

Consider the way lighting will be used in your home. Many homes make use of several zones of lighting for each room. Take your kitchen for example; It is not uncommon to have 4 even 5 lighting zones in a kitchen. There may be decorative lighting in soffits and/or under the toe kick, work surface lighting projected from the ceiling and from under cabinetry, walkway lighting from ceiling mounted fixtures, and a dining light over a table or seating area. If your kitchen is centrally located you probably have multiple ways to enter and exit so you will need switches for at least some lighting at each entrance. Soon you have six, eight, even ten switches to control the kitchen lights.

Typically the switches are "ganged" together in banks two or three wide in one or two different locations. Maybe you would choose to spread things out to make them look better and be more convenient? Until… you decide you want them all on (or more commonly all off) and you find your self doing a lap around the kitchen.

To understand the benefit of a lighting control system you need to think of controlling lights in a new way. Instead of the standard "one switch" for "one light" consider instead "one button" for "one use" of the space. Of course a lighting control system can still control individual lights like a standard light switch. A lighting system will also allow you to set up lighting arrangements for the way you use the space. We call these arrangements scenes. A scene can include any light in the house or every light in the house. The lighting system also gives you dimming capability for every light. The possibilities are endless.


When you leave your home, a single button by the door can to turn off all of the lights, and turn the porch light on for say… 30 minutes. When you go to bed, a bedtime button by your bed can set the lights throughout your home just way you want them. The system can automatically turn on some lights at sunset everyday to welcome you home.

The system can also set a scene. In our kitchen example; you might have a Task scene, a Night scene and an Entertainment scene. The Task scene might illuminate work surfaces and walkways while it also dims or turns off minor accent lighting you wouldn't notice with the other lighting turned up bright. The Night scene might illuminate walkways in a dim glow for passing through the room while turning off work surface and accent lighting. The Entertainment scene might illuminate accent lighting and walkways while work surfaces are dimmed to the perfect glow for socializing with friends or family. The settings for each scene are easy to change any time you wish by simply pressing the button and holding it for a few seconds.


Did you here something at night? A single button by your bedside can turn on all of the exterior lights. A driveway sensor can welcome you or your guests with exterior lighting when they arrive. Other outside sensors will scare off would be intruders before they ever get into the house to trip the alarm system.

The lighting system can be integrated with your security system so it will respond appropriately in an emergency. So now a fire alarm will turn on all the interior lighting so you can quickly find your way out, and the light on the front porch and the lamp post at the end of the driveway can be set to raise and lower repeatedly to draw the attention of responding emergency personnel so they can find your home faster.


In rooms with several zones of lighting, walls usually become cluttered with dimmers and switches. A lighting control system can replace all of those dimmers with an elegant keypad. Do you ever forget which switch controls which light? A keypad is labeled for easy identification. Rooms with views of the yard can have buttons to activate exterior lighting so you can enjoy the view at night. We also program the time it takes a light to turn on or dim so adjustments and scene activations can be more dramatic if you would like.

These are just some of the advantages and features of a lighting system.  The possibilities are only limited to your imagination.

Home Theatre

We can also handle all of your entertainment needs.  It is becoming increasingly common for people to have us build in a Home Theatre into there new home.  Sometimes it is as simple as using an area over a garage  or it can be as elaborate as designing an entire Home Entertainment end of the house. Whatever your wants are we have the experts in the field to make it a reality.