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Has Installed Radiant Barrier Sheathing in every home built since 2002!

Most recently, advances in radiant barrier technology are being made by the building industry in an effort to meet demand for more energy efficient homes. The primary benefit of attic radiant barriers is reducing air-conditioning cooling loads in warm or hot climates.



Radiant Barrier Sheathing:

How It Works

When radiant energy from the sun strikes the surface of the roof, it heats up. The heat radiates into the attic where it is conducted through the attic floor into the living areas. Air conditioning ductwork in the attic is also heated, further decreasing cooling efficiency.

Radiant Barrier Sheathing prevents up to 97% of the radiant energy in the panel from radiating into the attic, leaving attic temperatures up to 30° cooler. Living areas and air conditioning ductwork stay cooler so less energy is required to maintain homeowner comfort.


When radiant energy from the sun strikes a surface, it is converted to heat energy. A radiant barrier reflects radiant heat and emits very little to the cooler surfaces around it. The effectiveness of a radiant barrier is determined by how much radiant heat it reflects and how little heat energy it transmits - a property called emissivity. Measured on a scale of zero to one, the lower the emissivity, the more effective the radiant barrier.

Since the invention of aluminium foil in the 1930s, researchers have developed dozens of uses for radiant barrier materials.

* NASA researchers developed "metallized plastic" materials to protect spacecraft from extreme temperatures in outer space.

* In healthcare, radiant barrier blankets are used to warm patients by reflecting their own body heat.

* Radiant barrier materials are being used in agriculture to extend the growing season for high-value crops.